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The GBU Literary Club was formed in February 2012. The objective of the club is to provide a platform for students, scholars and academicians to various forms of creative expression. The club will also be an amalgamation of the discourses, dialogues and exchange of worldviews in the world of literature. The ‘arahant’ literary club will be actively organising and participating in various activities within the University and collaborating with other Universities and organisations (both national and international).

Arahant comes from the Pali word ‘arahati’ meaning ‘worthy’ or ‘noble’ and is a title given to someone who has attained enlightenment as a result of listening to and practising the teachings of a Buddha. Like a Buddha, an arahant has perfected wisdom and compassion and is no longer subject to rebirth. The Buddha describes the arahant as having transcended ‘the round of birth and death, they have destroyed the taints, lived the holy life, done what had to be done, laid down the burden, reached the ultimate goal, destroyed the fetters and become completely free, liberated through final knowledge’ (Majjhima Nikaya 1. 141).


Following are the faculty coordinators of GBU Literary Club:

1. Dr. Om Prakash

Contact no. : +918800259977, Ext: 4423

2.Dr. Bipasha Som

Contact no. : +919650845746, Ext: 4431

3. Ms. Priyanka Singh

Contact no. : +91 9560965071, Ext: 4437


1. Akansha Rathi (Secretary)

Biotech 3rd year

Mobile: +91 9717167565

2. Shivam Pandey (Treasurer)

SOE Electrical 2nd year

Mobile: +91 9911693224

3. Leading Members

a. Vandana Yadav

BA LLB 3rd Year

Mobile: +91 9999342896

b. Dev Kaur

BA LLB 3rd year

Mobile: +91 7042155056


Since its formation in February, the following activities have been conducted by the club

(1) Participation in ‘Clava Fiesta’ National Literary Club, Aligarh Muslim University

GBU Literary Club (arahant) and GBU Debating Society (dristikon) participated in the National Literary festival ‘Clava Fiesta’, organised by Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. The event was held on 15th and 16th February, 2012. This two day long colorful event comprised many literary events where participants, students, academicians, faculty members, teachers and intellectuals gathered and celebrated the 50 years of the formation of literary activities in the Aligarh Muslim University. The National Literary Festival “Clava Fiesta” comprised of the following events – (i) Panel Discussion, (ii) Book Fair, (iii) Elocution, (iv) Master Quiz, (v) Essay Writing Competition and (vi) Creative Writing Competition.

Gautam Buddha University fetched five awards in the event and the details are as follows:

1. Creative Writing (English) – Ms. Neelam Singhal – Third prize

2. Creative Writing (Hindi) – Ms. Jaya Nayak – Third prize

3. Elocution (English) – Ms. Apeksha Nimbadia – Second prize

4. Elocution (Hindi) – Mr. Waris Nawaz Khan – Second prize

5. Elocution (Urdu) – Ms. Himanshi Sharma – Judge’s prize

The theme of the festival was ‘media and its role in secularism’. Ms. Priyanka Chhabria, MA Development Studies student represented GBU in the panel discussion with the theme ‘Freedom of Speech and responsibility in media’. The following links carried information about the event detailing the prize winners which mentioned about GBU at number of places.

1 http://nvonews.com/2012/02/18/literary-programme-clava-fiesta-organized-by-literary-club-of-amu/(18th February, 2012)

1 http://nvonews.com/2012/02/18/literary-programme-clava-fiesta-organized-by-literary-club-of-amu/(18th February, 2012)

Salesforce india
Student and faculty member of GBU at the Clava Fiesta,Aligarh Muslim University UP
Salesforce india
Ms. Apeksha Nimbadia collecting her prize on stage
Salesforce india
Mr. Waris Nawaz Khan on stage during his elocution speech
Salesforce india
Ms. Jaya Nayak collecting her prize on stage

(2) Selection of Student Coordinators

The faculty coordinators conducted interviews with the interested students willing to coordinate and participate in the club activities. The students were screened based on their past experiences, accolades in literary activities and their passion and drive towards it


The following programmes proposed for the year is enunciated below:

(i) Creative writing

Literary Club proposes to provide platform to authors to submit their writings in the form of prose, poetry, story writing, essay writing and so on through literary workshops, competitions and yearly literary festivals.

(ii) Book Club

The Literary Club proposes to provide opportunities to bibliophiles and connoisseurs of cinema, art and culture to come together to be a part of activities like book-reading sessions (with new authors and established writers), participating in book releases, engaging in book reviews and conduct workshops on creative writing and reviewing. Collaborate with the existing Movie Club (Faculty Facilitator: Dr. Navras Jat Afreedi) and engage in discourses and reviews of world cinema and associate the same with the sociology of various communities and expressions.

(iii) Media facilitation

The Literary Club proposes to launch a student magazine named ‘Arahant’ annually which will the voice of the students and faculty of GBU. The club proposes to facilitate with publishing houses and media on various literary festivals, workshops, seminars, consultations, talks, book-readings, literary competitions and so on. It also proposes to introduce newsletters (initially it will be done annually, and based on funds may be done half-yearly), blogs, publish peer-reviewed articles/essays/writings/literary papers in journals (national and international).

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