Information and Communication Technology is one of the most fascinating fields for understanding and practicing. Even a tiny piece of device nugget possess incredible magic. A mobile phone take electromagnetic signal from the air, convert, compress and process this information and shove it again to air. Jillions of these data in a very short span of time received these message, and sent reliably to different corner of the globe. Everybody throught the universe is just connected wirelessly through just one number identity.

There are plenty of infrastructure and specialized faculties available in ICT imparting uptodate programs according to the need of the time. The students of ICT are nurtured in such a way they can be well recruitable or become reasearchers after completion of their degree from our School.

We are very young and a way towards becoming a renowned academic excellence centre in future. We are confident that this bunch of professional talents, who are going to complete our studies from our School, will be of great value and a big asset to any organization they join. We recommend the current batch for your consideration.

The corporate relationship center (CRC) involves students strategically and guides them for obtaining appropriate placement. The departmental placement committee which comprises of student representatives supervised by faculty coordinators works in collaboration with the university CRC. The CRC methodically plans their year round schedule and works throughout the year to ensure that both, the students as well as the associated companies, get to meet their requirements with ease.

The placement coordinators follows a set of guidelines as mentioned below:

  1. The placement coordinators sends invitations along with placement form to organizations to participate in the campus placements.
  2. Placement form can be sent either by post or email to placement coordinator.
  3. The organization details along with job offer is made available to the students and requesting them to apply.
  4. Manager, Corporate Relations and placement coordinators allots date(s) to an organization for campus placements.
  5. Manager, Corporate Relations and placement coordinators provided the list of the students who have applied for the organization along with their resumes.
  6. Organizations can also view resumes of interested students and shortlist students.
  7. Organizations come to campus on the allotted date(s) and conduct tests and/or interviews as per their recruitment process.
  8. The organization is expected to furnish the list of selected students preferably on the day of campus visit.

Our objective is to achieve not just 100% placements for students but also to take care of the placement as per requirements of every student. Placement coordinators and staff work day in and day out to realize this objective. The Corporate Relation Cell with placement coordinators organizes various workshops and conducts programs that help in developing our students’ skills so that they can meet the industries’ expectations in their life.