About Us

  • IIC Council@GBU (Institution's Innovation Council)

  • SC/ST Commitee
  • The scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) Cell in an institute promotes the special interest of students in the reserved category and to provide special inputs in areas where the students experience difficult.
    Following Faculty members are assigned the responsibility given for SC/ST Committee:
    • Dr. Chandrasekhar Paswan (Chairperson)
    • Dr. Neeta Singh (Member)
    • Dr. Pankaj Deep (Member)
    • Dr. Chandrabhanu Bharas (Member)
    • Dr. Diwakar Garwa (Member)

  • Minority Cell
  • Minority cell is committed to provide an environment that support diversity and respects everyone regardless of color, religious belief or cultures and also commits to ensuring protection of everyone including minorities and acting as per the provisions of constitution of India in such matters.
    Following Faculty members are assigned the responsibility given for Minority Cell:
    • Dr. M.A. Ansari (Chairperson)
    • Dr. Imteyaz Qamar (Member)
    • Dr. Samar Raqshin (Member)
    • Dr. Obaidul Ghaffar (Member)

  • Internal Complaints Committee
  • In pursuance of UGC (Prevention, prohibition and redressal of sexual harassment of women employees and students in higher educational institutions) Regulations, 2015 read with Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 dated 26 Septeber 2020 Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) is re- constituted as under to deal with the complaints relating to Sexual harassment at GBU.
    Following Members are assigned the responsibility for ICC Committee:
    • Prof. Bandana Pandey (Presiding Officer)
    • Dr. Udita Tyagi (External Member)
    • Dr. Santosh Kumar Tiwari (Member)
    • Dr. Bhaswati Banerjee (Member)
    • Ms. Neetu Singh (Member)
    • Ms. Pallavi Upadhyaya (Member Convener)

    If any complaint related to sexual harassment kindly contact

  • Anti Ragging Committee
  • Anti Ragging Committee will monitor the measures taken by the college for prevention of ragging, will look into the specific instances of ragging and complaints of ragging; and suggest appropriate action / punishment against individuals who indulge in ragging.
    Following Faculty members are assigned the responsibility given for the committee:
    • Dr. Rama Sharma (Chairperson)
    • Dr. Jai Prakash Muyal (Vice-Chairperson)
    • Dr. Satpal Sharma (Member)
    • Dr. Sushil Kumar (Member)
    • Dr. Manisha Sharma (Member)
    • Dr. Mausumi Pohit (Member)
    • Dr. Pankaj Deep (Member)
    • Dr. Deepali Singh (Member)
    • Dr. Vimlesh Kumar (Member)
    • Mr. Vikram Singh Yadav (Member)

  • Other Backward Class Commitee
  • Other Backward Class Commitee is committed to provide an environment that educate, enlighten and empower the students and staff of OBC categories in the university to make use of the facilities extended by the Govt. and other agencies for their educational & occupational career.
    Following Faculty members are assigned the responsibility given for Commitee:
    • Dr. Deepali Singh (Chairperson)
    • Dr. Gyanaditya Shakya (Member)
    • Dr. Alpa Yadav (Member)
    • Dr. Navin Kumar (Member)

  • Grievance Redressal Committee
  • As part of our constant endeavor to ensure transparency in all the activities at different stages, College provides proper mechanism to students for redressal of their grievances. This committee will deal with all the Grievances directly which is related to the common problems at Institute level both Academic and Administrative.
    Following Members are assigned the responsibility given for Grievance Redressal Committee:
    • Registrar, GBU
    • Dean, Academics
    • Dean, Student Welfare
    • Dean of Respective Schools

  • NEP Implementation Committee
    • Dean Academics (Chairperson)
    • Dean(I/C) Student Welfare (Member)
    • Chairperson Exams (Member)
    • Chairperson Admissions (Member)
    • University Research Coordinator (Member)

  • Institutional Development Plans Committee
    • All Dean's/Incharge Dean's (Chairperson)
    • Director (Work) (Coordinator)
    • All Additional Director (Work) (Member)

  • Internship/Research Intership for UG Studens Committee
    • Prof. Shweta Anand, Professor (Chairperson)
    • Dr. Kirti Pal, Associate Professor (Member)
    • Dr. Akshay Kumar Singh, Assistant Professor (Member)
    • Dr. Vinay Kumar Litoria, Director Corporate Relations (Coordinator)

  • Research and Development Committee (RDC)
  • The Research and Development Cell (RDC) in an institute promotes research activities.