Sh. Yogi Adityanath
Chancellor, Gautam Buddha University

Prof. Ravindra Kumar Sinha
Vice-Chancellor, Gautam Buddha University

"Education in its truest sense is our foremost mission. At Gautam Buddha University, dreamers become thinkers, achievers, solvers, pioneers, and influencers. We are devoted to assisting our students in enduring imperishable intellectual, societal and individual transformation. There is phenomenal potential in our students. We stimulate their vision and empower them to actualize their vigour by infusing experiential, experimental and inter-disciplinary learning in a research environment."

Education is essential for enriching our socio-cultural values and facilitating the overall scientific and technological development as well as to sustain growth and prosperity in the economy. It is also a potent and purposive intervention to advance scientific and technical know-how, object-oriented learning and utilitarian skills. Furthermore, we intend to consolidate moral values to enhance individual and social commitments. Therefore, our focus would be on creating an enabling atmosphere to develop skills that reinforce one?s faith in the self and shape generations? individual and societal behaviour.

In the wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), our education system needs to master various emerging breakthroughs in technology and cope with social and economic changes. A host of new disciplines like data science, robotics, artificial intelligence, business informatics, nanotechnology, quantum computing, genomics, biotechnology, the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet of Things, fifth-generation wireless technologies, precision drones, additive manufacturing/ 3D printing and evolution of fully autonomous, self-driven and alternative energy vehicles are going to disrupt almost every industry into every country. On the economic front, after experiencing the full cycle of globalization, we are now at the threshold of de-globalization. The ongoing strife in social and other spheres of life can best be resolved through our rich philosophical traditions of Buddhism and the ancient wisdom enshrined into our scriptures since the Vedic age and other sources of rich heritage.

So, we at the GBU have a firm resolve to attain and outpace various international benchmarks of quality and innovativeness in education. We are committed to infusing education with our rich heritage, ancient wisdom and national ethos, along with an emphasis to integrate ethics & values in the conduct and behaviour of our graduating students. Indeed, at the GBU, we have sustained commitment to all these goals.