About Club

The objective of the ‘ANSHARAH’ Art Club is to kindle, foster and promote students’ interest in arts. The club will provide chances to all students of GBU to understand, appreciate and inculcate aesthetic values.
The club would encourage students’ exposure to arts and creativity through:

  • Organization of Arts Exhibition at the university campus.
  • Organization of workshops and art competitions at the university campus.
  • Guest lectures by National/International artists.
  • Felicitating Eminent Artists.
  • Organizing trips to Arts galleries and Art museums.

Team Members

Faculty Coordinators

Dr. Priyadarsini Mitra
Contact: +918826405590, Ext: 4421
Dr. Sumitra Huidrom
Contact: +919958476018, Ext: 7012
Student Coordinators

Shivam Pandey
Contact: -----