Bodhi Mindfulness Club

About Club

  • Bodhi means Buddha hood and Buddha-Nature,Supreme Enlightenment and Perfect Mindfulness. The Bodhi is not only in psychical Enlightenment but also in physical light. It I known as the “will” is psychology and as the “heart” in physiology. Bodhi-citta as symbolized by a Full moon, perfect & round & bright, eight inches in diameter, situated in his heart, and consisting of great compassion and deep wisdom.
  • The Bodhi-Mindfulness Club aims to create a community around the pursuit of living a more mindful, reflective, and skillful life. BMC hopes to develop the meditation skills of its members and foster discussion of matters of practical importance. In short, BMC is dedicated to creating a community which promotes human flourishing and the art of living well.
  • BMC is the only club on campus that provides an opportunity to learn about, discuss, reflect on, and practice various forms of meditations and mindfulness. The club provides, at a minimum, an hour each week for students to come and learn about not only what various types of meditation and mindfulness are, but especially why they’re important and how to apply them to daily life. Everyone is welcome to share insight, stories, thoughts, etc. as the group is a learning experience for everyone.
  • Each meeting is a chance for students relax for an hour at the beginning of the week - to center themselves and walk away with a new perspective, a sense of connectedness, and maybe a bit of wisdom.
  • Mission is to introduce Buddhist meditation methods to all students. Provide the meditation methods to help the students' develop mindfulness, loving-kindness, compassion and relaxation technique. And promote the meditation education to nearby University from GBU’s meditation students.

Faculty Co-ordinator

Dr. Manish T. Meshram
Contact: +918860855578

Membership: Eligibility for Membership

  • Membership is for all students from the All Schools/Departments of Gautam Buddha University regardless of their gender or racial, ethnic, or cultural background.

  • Any action of insulting or discrimination to other religions is not tolerated. Any member who commits this disrespect action will be warned at the first. If the member continues to do it, he or she will be removed from the club.

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