Techno Club

About Club

  • Techno Cultural Club marks the technical as well as cultural diversity among the students and encourages them to hone their talents from within. The club is a home to innovative minds and runs with the aim to develop interpersonal, technical and intellectual skills among the students.
  • It organizes various events including robotics, hacking, coding, quizzes, group discussions, poster making, etc to develop and experiment creativity among the students and help them energize and freshen their minds amidst the academic overload.

Team Members

Faculty Co-ordinator

Dr. Vimlesh Kumar
Contact: +919650081596
Dr. Navaid Zafar Rizvi
Contact: +919971475401
Dr. Pradeep Tomar
Contact: +919899874830
Student Co-ordinator

Shreya Singh
General Secretary
Contact: +919818145388
Vivek Singh
Contact: +918860356515


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