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An International Webinar on Global Well-being and The Tenents of Anciant Indian Traditions with Reference to Buddhism


School of Buddhist Studies and Civilization (SOBSC), Gautam Buddha University, India is happy to announce that we are going to organize our school’s 3rd International webinar from July 09-11, 2020 to investigate and identify the multifarious traditions that Buddhism has evolved within its long history. The prime vision of the webinar is to visualize the numerous traditions and sub-traditions that Buddhism inculcated in its long journey as well as interacted with different traditions with an aim to set up a forum for the academicians/research scholars/students engaged in Buddhist Studies and related relevant subjects to take a cohesive and collective brainstorming. The webinar will be able to establish the true Buddhology with a strong message of transparent research methodology. It will also prelude to the Buddha’s message of peace and harmony right into deepest fathom of human universe.