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GBU: Best Practices

Best Practices

Best Practice 1. Contemporary course curriculum and state-of-art research

Objectives of the Practice:

  i. Developing learner-centric course curriculum and achieving qualitative outstanding teaching-learning practices.
  ii. Providing outstanding infrastructure for quality education and student-centered teaching-learning processes.
  iii. To ensure skill development in the learners in their respective fields of education
  iv. Imparting education encouraging strong domain knowledge  contemporary skill/achievement
  v. Developing industry-oriented course design and implementing them in academic programs
  vi. Developing state-of-the-art library resources for enhanced learning
  vii. Development of state-of-art facilities for research  development
  viii.Providing financial support to faculty members to participate in National  International conferences/symposia/seminar/workshops to update themselves with latest  developments in their respective fields
  ix. Promoting faculty members to get research grants from National and International government funding agencies.
  x. Encouraging faculty members to file patents/copyright based on their research innovations through University Patent Cell

Best Practice 2: Infrastructure and IT-enabled governance

Objectives of the Practice:

  i. Ensuring adequate availability of infrastructure and its optimal utilization
  ii. Developing the Information-Technology (IT) resources and capabilities through Central Computer Center
  iii. Providing timely access to all stakeholders for updated information
  iv. Creating knowledge management system at the University for effective teaching and quality research
  v.  Developing Open Source Resources for faculty members and students
  vi.Providing access to on-line teaching and learning resources and other knowledge and information databases
  vii. Deployment of the new technologies enhancing student learning and education
  viii. To develop information and network security systems
  ix. Assessment of risk management of critical IT assets